The JewFag members

The members are,
-> Jewfagman,JewfagWoman,Dumbako/Frog Guy (Might be Rokhan's pet)/PizzaDeliveryGuy/Fuckthenos

Their Legacy

We are an enterprising group of elite hackers that are managed to kill Cortex.No i'm fucking joking here, lets get this straight, we are the Anonymous. We will not stop hacking accounts till we get reported by Blizzard. We enjoy the fact how you like to push away every competent hackers that has been hacking around for longer than you've been alive. Pretty fucking retarded logic, as I assume it goes like this:

"Hello good roleplayers"
"Hi!" -Good Roleplayers
"You're fucking trolls! Go die for thinking we're shit because we don't know commands"
"ok;delay .6;!ban child" -Good Roleplayers

"These fucking Malignant Neoplasms are everywhere, go back to school" -Boss-ako

"They're all devolutionists, fuck" - <ArcRP>  Nasako

"These bastards itself created the Neoplasms" - Cortex Rebels

Note: Nasako created accounts and has multiple laptops to make his clan active.

These elitists makes the immature kids worse! Making them more immature with their immaturity. *flips the fucking table*

Theyre everywhere! Go shoot everywhere! Spear of ANoob,Activate now!