Breadinator a.k.a Breastinator is a psychopathic evil satanist who trolls in Cortex using anonymous crafty commands.He is the mastermind of all the trolls.

Act of Trolling

He spawns unstoppable pineapples and spawns the wall of fire. (Which are permanent doodads).He formely corrupted Hex and now a child molester.He is the one of the kind Cortex criminal.


Put a butter on his face.


He created his last account called Shaco till he was caught.He now gave up from playing Cortex,surrendering to the Cortex Clans.

Breadinator is now dead but others pretended to be him and continued his existence like "Loafinator".

Warning: This guy is cancerous! Might be the cause of your death due to boredom and frustration,etc.

I hope Breadinator reads this. Although,this is not fucked up. This is perfect as fuck!