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A guy who sucks assholes but he cant. Disgrace to the Cortex community.

Remember the photo i gave you kiddos all? 100% confirmed him.

He loves smokeweeding due to he is mentally retarded. It goes like this:

Noob:*Creates a shitty utopia the pings on the map* Was this wonderful?

Noob 2: Perfect! You ready to fight? My infantries have 9000 damage noob.

FireStorm:*!trolls on* WTF is that shit? These fucking kids created nazi troops that has 9999 damage?;!ban child

This is the best way to improve a child.

Note that his job is to abuse many kids or rape them.

Where's your cigarettes now Feuer? Your not only a disgrace to the game but you are a disgrace to the Mother Earth

You guys are the reason of immaturity. 100% sure! <----------------- A conspiracy you will never understand!

If you ever see this guy,make sure to rape him or go faggot mode.