Written by the ArcRP supporters.

Hexedyou or Hex is not a troll at all.He is just some ArcRP asshole (But all of them are assholes) that will never stop creating commands to crash every game
Fuq u Hex

This guy is a fucking genius! Id recommend you roleplay with him.

(Or the loading). This guy is curious. He will not stop trolling if you will not think. Look of what youve done?!? he turned into an asshole and its all because of your imbecility.

Hex has a wiki called TheHex Wikia which is all about tinting and rotating stuff which is cool. I hope the newbs see that. Im spreading this to get views.

Hex is just trying to be superior. Im just kidding. Once you met him,he will ban you at the game. He has a secret fucking command or a thingy gave by Xethyr to ban the host itself to the game (Makes you quit to Starcraft II lol). Reminds us of Xbye.

Note: Breadinator is back baby.