The jewfags who do shit but cant make a story about shit. They carry plague to spread neoplasms. The developer is killing his game.

With jews,you lose. Go fuck yourselves and quit the SCRP. They may corrupt your mind. #CortexSucksbb

This is the worst RP clan you can ever join. Look at this retarded picture!

180px-Clitoris YOU

100% Illusionist's girlfriend.


Members includes of:

  1. <SCRP> Illusionist (Cause of Neoplasms)
  2. <SCRP> Snivs (Another cause of Neoplasms)
  3. <SCRP> Hotelsoap (Snivs)
  4. <SCRP> FaggotStorm
  5. <SCRP> Geth (Faggot Wannabe)
  6. <SCRP> Captain Dank (Asshole)
  7. <SCRP> Lazyp (Fuck him)
  8. <SCRP> Khrys (Another Asshole)
  9. <SCRP> Murloc (He is with the SCRP now?)
  10. <SCRP> Leviathan

Note:They are all FireStorm. Glad you have known his secret.