Written by the anti-clan supporters

Hexedyou is a curse. Nasako created this Neoplasms to spread the Neoplasms to the Neoplasm-free nubs.


10000000$ dollars if you found his lollipop. Give this poor nigga a new one.

This selfish kiddo acts just like Nasako. Or is he. Isherite?

This picture is naturally ugly to be immune at photoshopping. ---------->

How to kill him? Use a mirror to look away at the imposter. Please delete this picture while the locked page is free to edit.


At WarCraft 3,a guy called Admiral Macklemoore suddenly rules FaggotStormWind. Rexxar and Rokhan came. Suddenly,when Rexxar GTFO,Admiral Macklemoore was back to life! Then Hexed by Rokhan.

Fun Fact: Admiral Macklemoore is black listed by everyone in Cortex.

Not being racist but he mustve got sunburn. This guy is not painted in black. He is naturally black.